How to get PayPal to work within iWeb
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Setting up an Account:

You will need to create an account login and password to continue with the PayPal process. Go Here to set up your account - Watch the Demos and read all the information carefully.

PayPal Fees click here

How to get PayPal to work within iWeb

Three basic choices for business accounts:

  1. Bullet Website Payments Standard. Start accepting payments today - cart optional. Customers don't need a PayPal account.

  2. Bullet Website Payments Pro (U.S. Only). Customers pay with credit cards directly on your site.

  3. Bullet Email Payments. Bill customers through email and get paid fast - no website required.

During the process you will need to verify your ownership of the bank account. It is recommended that you would open a separate account to deal with PayPal just for security reasons.

After you have created an account and your bank information is set up and verified. Return to the PayPal Member Services area and log in. During the process you will be given the opportunity to utilize a shopping cart method or "Buy Now Buttons". The "Buy Now Button" Process:

  1. Bullet Go to the Merchant Services area of your Account.

  2. Bullet Select "Buy Now Buttons" toward the bottom of the page.

  3. Bullet Click "GET STARTED" in the menu on the left.

  4. Bullet Enter the required information.

  5. Bullet When your finished click on "Create Button Now"

  6. Bullet They supply the HTML code you need for the buttons. Copy the code that's supplied on their site.

Return to your site and open your page in iWeb.  Click HTML Snippet in the Menu and paste the code into the HTML dialog box. Click "Apply" and adjust the boundary box handles to align the button.

Start selling on iWeb now! If you will have any questions we will be glad to hear from you.