How to get Forms to work within iWeb
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Setting up an Account:

You will need to create an account login and password. Go Here to set up your account - Watch the Demos and read all the information carefully.

JotForm is a free web form builder. For basic usage, up to 100 submissions/month, you can use JotForm fully. No crippleware. No ads. Just what you need.

How It Works:

  1. BulletDrag & drop fields to form

  2. BulletCopy HTML to your web site

  3. BulletGet responses by email

How to get Forms to work within iWeb

Create form (see a short tutorial below):

Copy Source Code. We would recommend to select “Advanced Options” and select iFrame then copy the code.

Return to your site and open your page in iWeb.  Click HTML Snippet in the Menu and paste the code into the HTML dialog box. Click "Apply" and adjust the boundary box handles to align the button.

If you will have any questions we will be glad to hear from you.